Je suis honoré de vous servir dans un nouveau rôle


J’ai eu l’honneur d’être nommé par le maire Brian Bowman président du Comité exécutif des politiques (CEP) de la commission de renouvellement des infrastructures et des travaux publics.

Merci au conseiller Marty Morantz pour ses services dans ce rôle et en tant que président du comité des finances au cours des quatre dernières années.

Nous avons vu un investissement record dans les routes, à savoir plus de 400 millions de dollars prévus à ce jour. Nous avons réalisé des progrès importants dans la lutte contre le déficit en matière d’infrastructure de Winnipeg, (et) je me réjouis à la perspective de poursuivre ce travail et ces investissements pour réparer notre réseau routier local et artériel.

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Honoured to serve you in a new role



Last Thursday, I was honoured to be appointed by Mayor Brian Bowman as EPC chair of the Infrastructure Renewal & Public Works Commitee.

Thank you Councillor Marty Morantz for your service in this role and as Chair of Finance Commitee for the last four years.

We have had a record investment in roads, over $400M budgeted during the term so far. We have made significant progress in addressing Winnipeg’s infrastructure deficit, and I look forward to continuing this work and investment in fixing our local and arterial road network.

I am also excited to take an active role in promoting, defending, and improving public transportation in Winnipeg. Though we are faced with significant financial challenges including frozen funding from the Province of Manitoba, I strongly believe that a strong, rapid and reliable mass transit system is essential to progressive urban development, reduces traffic congestion, reduces wear and tear on our roads, and supports thriving and vibrant commercial main streets. In order for our city to thrive and become financially sustainable, we must move towards a greater level of density and support and enable infill development. Transit is essential piece of that puzzle.
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Norwood Flats

Hello Norwood Flats,
I’m writing today about a longstanding issue in Norwood Flats, and steps towards resolving it.
For many years, residents of the Flats, in particular those in the north, have struggled to find on street parking in front of their homes due to many “day parkers” using the area to commute to downtown & St Boniface Hospital. Continue reading “Norwood Flats”

Promenade Tache!

I’m thrilled to announce the Promenade Tache project cleared a final hurdle today, and construction will begin this winter!
This core infrastructure project will stabilise the Riverbank on Tache St., fix the sidewalk, and provide other lighting and street enhancements. The private sector is contributing $1 million dollars thanks to the Winnipeg Foundation, and the Federal Government is providing $500 000. Continue reading “Promenade Tache!”